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Vindhya Data Science is an innovative data science company. We specialize in bioinformatics, genomics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, structural biology and the full spectrum of computational biology. We love data and enjoy solving challenging problems! Our goal, through data analysis and interpretation, is to facilitate biological and drug discovery insights resulting in impactful decision making. 


March 16, 2023: We are excited to share that Vindhya has established a strategic partnership with the Cascadia Drug Development Group, a company that shares our standards of performance. Through this partnership, we can now offer access to consulting expertise that is complementary to that offered by Vindhya Data Science. 

The Cascadia Drug Development Group ( is a consulting company that was founded by industry seasoned experts in biomedical research and drug development. They have deep expertise in immunologic disease and oncology and through their Affiliates offer a wide range of translational drug development support, all within an integrated framework. CDDG also provides diligence support, strategic planning and can offer virtual oversight of therapeutic development from discovery to early clinical development.

Some of the specific areas they can help with include:

What We Do

Drug Discovery

Genomic Analyses


Who We Are

Dr. Michael Caponegro, PhD

Data Scientist

Molecular biologist + data scientist solving complex biological problems

2 years at Genentech/Gladstone/UCSF

Expertise: Single Cell Sequencing, Genomics, Immuno-oncology, Neuro-inflammation, Machine Learning

Dr. Adnan Derti, PhD

Computational Biology Fellow

Computational biologist devoted to oncology. 

15 years at Novartis/Merck/ Gritstone

Expertise: Genomics, Proteomics, Complex Variants, Cancer Biology, Drug Discovery, Biomarker Identification

Dr. Alex Nesta, PhD

Data Scientist

Passionate about integrating genetics, molecular biology, and bioinformatics in human disease

The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine 

Expertise: Genetics, RNA biology, Cancer Biology, Alternative Splicing, Transposable Elements, Structural Variation, Neoantigen Discovery

Dr. N R Nirmala, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO

Leader in bioinformatics and drug discovery striving to improve healthcare

30 years at Novartis/Tufts Medical Center

Expertise: Biomarker Discovery, Drug Repurposing, Real World Evidence, Research Strategy & Business Development

Dr. Neha Patel, PhD

Strategy & Business Development Officer

Multifunctional pharma R&D leadership from front-end innovation to late stage drug development. 

20 years at GSK/Novartis/Organon

Expertise: Drug and technology development from inception to approval, Strategy development, R&D leadership, Business development 

Dr. Anupama Reddy, PhD

Co-Founder & COO

Computational biologist passionate about decoding genomes to target diseases

12 years at Novartis/Duke University

Expertise: Machine Learning, Genomics, Cancer Biology, Image Analysis, Integrative Analysis, Translational Research