What We Do

Drug Discovery

  • Drug target ID and characterization

  • Biomarker discovery for patient stratification

  • Identification of resistance mechanisms

  • Analysis drug combination data

  • Machine learning and statistical association testing

  • Analysis of high-throughput screens (CRISPR, RNAi, drug perturbation)

  • Image analysis of histology slides to identify biomarkers

Genomic Analyses

  • Analysis of public domain data

  • Integration of multiple ‘omics data

  • Analysis of RNA-seq from bulk and single cell samples

  • Identification of variants (SNPs, structural, CN) based on DNA-seq

  • Analysis of immune repertoire sequencing (B/T cells)

  • Analysis of cell-free DNA for estimating tumor fraction


  • Development of cloud-based infrastructure (Google cloud, AWS)

  • Development of pipelines

  • Data organization in databases

  • Development of web-based interfaces for data visualization. e.g., Shiny

  • Development and deployment of machine learning platform (PrismML) for genomics